Sixteen13 Ministry


How to get involved with Sixteen13 Ministry?

If your interested in serving, please contact:
Harold Espinosa (President of Sixteen 13 Ministry) at 1-204-332-0586
Tiffany Krahn (Vice President of Sixteen 13 Ministry) at 1-431-774-7898

Current Ministry Opportunities

  • Packaging groceries at Sixteen13 property at 2pm every Thursday at Sixteen 13 property.
  • Every Thursday, we deliver groceries and build relationship with the families, we are working with. The goal is to pray with them, get to know them at their home, be ready to share the gospel as the Holy Spirit leads, and to invite them to your church.
  • We need volunteers helping us find donations of milk, egg, spaghetti, peanut butter, jelly, 18 kg of rice, larger container of vinegar, veggies, chicken, beef, and pig meat.
  • Donation of NKJV and NIV, especially in different languages. (Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Arabic, Begalo, and English. 
  • Help raise funds for new Bibles. 
  • Deliver or hand Bibles out.


  • Collecting candy, sewing Christmas stockings, buying material for stocking, put well done colour illustrated tracks, New Testament Bibles, Christian colouring books, crayons, and other gifts for children in Winkler and Morden in our food ministry. Up to 500 kids locally. 200 kids in the Philippines receives the same gifts in a very poor area in Isabella. This is lead by our local Filipino ministry from Che and Elhmar Castio.
  • Some churches participate in making gift baskets for our Sixteen 13 Food ministry families to deliver the gifts and do Christmas carolling. We will give you names and ages that are in the family with addresses. We always get permission from the families.
  • It’s a ministry to help kids, who’s family can’t afford it, that needs computers for school purposes. We also help missionaries and Christian schools who are needing computers and projectors.
  • We need technicians to check laptops and projectors to reinstall or fix them. All our technology is donated. 
  • We need volunteers who know how to render a video with caption words to tell the story of what God is doing in our communities.
  • We need groups to help collect food from a farmer.
  • A youth group, care group, or church can get involved. We leave from the church or from a specific location to the farm together. We travel to Carmen to a field, collect food, and then have lunch together. It is 4 hours of picking veggies. All lunch and water are provided by Sixteen 13 ministry. 1/3 of the vegetables goes to our Sandy Bay First Nation food ministry, 1/3 go to our Compassion Ministry in Sixteen 13, and 1/3 goes back with your church to help families you’re connecting with.
  • Every year, we are asked to get youth groups, care groups, and churches to help clean up our city of Winkler. We provide the bags and the location to clean up. You put full bags on the side of the road and Sixteen13 Ministry picks them up. At a specific date, all groups are invited for a lunch event in appreciation of making our city clean. The city donates funds, so you have 3 choices with the funds you collect.

                   The city donates $45.00 per KL.

  • You can keep the funds.
  • Donate it to Sixteen13 Ministry
  • Donate it to the Bunker
  • Sometime we get calls for help. Coop, Children Camp International, The Bunker, Altona Races, individuals needing help finding volunteers for ministry, community service, a fundraiser, or etc. If you want to be on call, just give us your name and number. We try to give plenty of notice of the event but sometimes emergency happens. 
  • Tiffany Krahn has a ministry mentoring young ladies from 15-22. They have prayer, discipleship Bible studies, cooking, or baking as an outreach to help families in need.  
  • Anny Goertzen has a ministry reaching ladies from 16- up in prayer, devotions, and playing volleyball. 
  • Garden Park Senior ministry

We are needing volunteers to lead in church service one a month reaching out to seniors as a ministry. Service starts at 9:30am and ends by 10:30am. Afterwards, we have fellowship together. The goal is to serve one a month and to build relationships with seniors.

Position available:

  • Welcoming and prayer
  • Reading scripture
  • Leading prayer time
  • Sharing one’s testimony
  • Preaching
  • Special number
  • Piano playing

Building relationships with a family. Many moms are looking for Canadian ladies as a friend. Spend time having coffee or tea and just talk. Pray together, talk about life, get to know the kids, and talk about God.

Volunteers are needed to package groceries with other Ukrainians. Amazing people have donated a 2000lb tote of potatoes. They need to be sorted in bags of 50lb. Then it gets delivered directly to homes with other food on Saturday. We have 3 Ukrainian groups lead by Ivan, Alex, and Igor.

Sixteen 13 ministry was given a food truck. It’s a powerful tool. We encourage the churches to use it to reach people in our community. You need a person with a food handling certificate. The food truck is licenced and ready to go. We have lots of apartment in Winkler that can be reached with an invitation to church and a free meal.

We need volunteers to lead different ministries that will build relationships and give us the opportunity to talk about Jesus. We have single moms that need to be reached, youth from different countries that need to be reached, seniors and families from different countries looking to connect with Canadians, group gardening on sixteen 13 ministry properties, and many other ways to reteach are ever growing community as a mission field. You don’t have to go far to see the world. Many are living in Winkler and Morden. When a church family makes the connection. The goal is to invite them to your church, to walk with them in their journey of life, share the gospel, disciple, and give opportunity to serve.

Matthew 28:16-20

The Great Commission

Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted. Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.