Sixteen13 Ministry


Back in 2006, Harold Espinosa and Hank Wall noticed that the gaming population in Southern Manitoba was growing. So they came up with a plan to host the first ever Etherlan.

Their thought was, let’s bring out as many gamers as possible, charge them a small fee to game as much as they want for the entire weekend, hand out prizes, and most importantly…teach them about God! It was decided before the first Etherlan even got off the ground, that this was going to become a fundraiser for a church in Puerto Rico. This church had partnered with The Bunker for missions trips, and decided that their community in Puerto Rico could really use their own version of The Bunker.

So with a goal in mind, and Jesus in their hearts, Harold & Hank set off to create a team to help them pull of Etherlan. 

La Fortaleza – Bunker (The Bunker in Fajardo Puerto Rico) was completed in 2015 and has now started running programs out of it as of 2019.