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S-HOP is a workshop-style drop-in center that focuses on giving boys and young men a place to grow. It is a place to come and simply hang out while simultaneously providing opportunities for learning new skills in various fields such as automotive, metalworking, woodworking, leather craft, and possibly others as time progresses. Our goal is to have some programs up and running by the end of 2023.

Willie Thiessen runs the Aboriginal Ministry with Sixteen13 Ministry. He has connections with a number of different farms and producers to collect vegetables that he brings to Aboriginal communities. Gaining trust in these reserves, Willie has been given opportunities to share the gospel and give bibles to them.

This is an amazing program that helps people who are downsizing and at the same time helping families who can’t afford furniture due to circumstances.  We have a Sixteen13 young adult group and other volunteers to help us get the furniture and deliver them to people.

To donate furniture to Sixteen13 Ministry please call or text Harold Espinosa @ 204-332-0586

All furniture must be in good shape. We do not repair furniture to give to those in need.

We do our best to collect Bibles in different languages. We support purchasing Bibles through our local organization in Winnipeg called Give the Word and other places found in different countries where our missionaries are located. During our food ministry or whenever we connect with people, we do our best to give a Bible away when asked. Sixteen13 also supplies Bibles for our missionaries in other parts of the world when they need it to give a gift to a new believer or someone wanting to know what the Bible says.

GEM is all about sharing the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ with inmates across Canada by sending them the comic book action Bible, Good & Evil. It has an easy-to-read format for people who struggle to read. Chaplains and inmates in the prisons are so thankful for this resource and eager for more! One book is like a missionary that can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Inmates are a captive audience with lots of time to read!

Not only is this book, Good & Evil, making a huge impact for God’s kingdom in prisons, it is being used to reach people in countries that are closed to missionaries. Good & Evil has been made available to download for free online at goodandevilbook.comThe ministry No Greater Joy has translated it into over 50 languages and formatted it to be read on smart phones. They advertise the free downloadable book in countries that are closed to the Gospel and are reaching millions around the world this way!

During November and December, Sixteen13 Ministry advertises on Facebook and collects funds to buy Bibles or candy. We accept donations of store bought sealed candy, toys, and Christian coloring books. We also include brochure of The Bunker and names of churches they can visit.   Then we distribute to all the families we know would love a gift and are less fortunate to be able to buy them.

We have a lot of amazing volunteers that help us put them all together and deliver them. It’s a free gift of compassion and love for kids.

A drop-off location is at Sixteen13 Ministry (20074 Road 9N, Stanley).

A team of approximately 30 volunteers delivers food weekly to local families, often establishing relationships with them. At this time, the ministry works in over a dozen languages to reach more than 100 families from immigrants, Canadians, Russians, Germans, Africans, single moms, Aboriginals, Seniors, and many more. Our goal is to help people, build relationships, share the gospel, and help them find a local church they can call home.

We intentionally invite them to church, wait for them at the door, sit with them in the church pews, introduce them to the church family, and invite them to church programs.

Our food comes from Co-op, Superstore, Walmart, Farmers, Hutterite Colonies and donations from families with store-bought products.
We are amazed by the amazing support we get from Winkler and the surrounding communities. Sixteen13 Ministry is very blessed by the compassion and kindness of people and businesses.

We also have a volunteer that has a passion for flower gardening. Her bouquets with scripture are attached to the vases to bless all the families that receive groceries every Thursday.

Contact Tiffany Krahn (  for any donations of vegetables and store-bought groceries.

We are so excited to see kids smile. We collect donations of items. Our drop-off site is at Sixteen13 Ministry (20074 Road 9N, Stanley) We collect all year round. Then in September, we deliver to families that are in need.

Click here for a list of recommended school supplies you can donate!

Thank you for making a difference in a young person’s life for education.

Back in 2006, Harold Espinosa and Hank Wall noticed that the gaming population in Southern Manitoba was growing. So, they came up with a plan to host the first ever Etherlan.

Their thought was, let’s bring out as many gamers as possible, charge them a small fee to game as much as they want for the entire weekend, hand out prizes, and most importantly…teach them about God! It was decided before the first Etherlan even got off the ground, that this was going to become a fundraiser for a church in Puerto Rico.

The ultimate goal is to share the good news of Christ in an environment that the gaming community will feel comfortable in.
Etherlan is one of the main fundraising opportunities for El Fortaleza (The Bunker) Puerto Rico.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”