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I was brought up in a Christian environment. My father and mom were leaders in the church where my father in particular assisted delivering the word of God in the church.

At the age of eleven years, I became so active in the church that, I had a group of young people who rehearsed bible verses in the church. I was also so active in Sunday school for young kids.  While in grade ten in the year 1969 I had heart problems and would fall on the ground sometimes when going or coming from school.   But one day in the year 1970 I attended a crusade where an evangelist preacher was delivering a sermon about the power contained in the word of God and the miracles which Jesus worked even healing those who were sick.  I came to know I was born a sinner and needed forgiveness.  When the evangelist called for an alter call I was among those who went forward to be saved and be prayed for healing of my health ailments.  That day I prayed that if Jesus healed me, I would serve Him throughout my life.  Jesus heard my prayers and was completely healed.

From that time I could not miss evangelistic crusades and even prayer meetings. I became a full time Sunday school teacher and later a church elder even before I got married in the year 1978.

But I felt the Lord’s call to a full time ministry and that I needed to go to Bible school to be taught more about the word of God. I resigned my job as an accountant and my wife and I and our three children went to Moffat Bible College in Kenya. I had a great faith in the Lord who healed and saved me would meet our needs when in Bible school.  And He did it.

I am the first born of ten children which is composed of five boys and five girls.  Five of us are pastors, while in the remaining five, three are saved and the remaining two are not. In my family, I have four children; two boys and two girls.  They confessed Jesus as their savior when they were growing up, they attend church services but need prayers for they do not show great desire of serving the Lord as we would like them to be.  We have five grandchildren and some have already expressed desire to know about Christ.  Our first born got married to a Canadian girl while in Canada and separated.  He has not remarried and he works with me in the school. The second born is married and are living in Michigan state. They have two kids. The third born is a male and married with three children. The last is a female and is married with one daughter and expecting a child soon.

The Ministry

I graduated in the Bible school here in Kenya in 1985 and my wife graduated in the same school in 1986. After serving for three years a Canadian missionary who was here in Kenya recommended me to go for further Theological Training in Canada in 1989.  I joined Winnireg Bible College (Now known as Providence College). I returned to Kenya after my studies to join my family here in Kenya. After about a year upon my return to Kenya the Providence Seminary in Canada called me back and supported me to study in the areas of Christian Education.   After two years of my study there I graduated in M.A in Arts majoring in Christian Education.  My wife had joined me later and studied at Stanbach Bible College where she graduated with a B.A in Christian ministries.

After our return to Kenya my wife and I pastored a church and was appointed as a teacher and principal of Nduluku Bible College where I taught for sixteen years.  Within those many years, many students graduated from that school and are now serving the Lord in different places.

In the year 2014, I had a vision to start a school which would be a part of my ministry.  The aim was to expand my ministry to the students who would come to that school.  I sold three of my plots here in Kenya which I had bought from the money I was given after invitations in various churches while studying in Canada. I constructed three classrooms with that money.   In 2017,  I started an elementary school with only three pupils and with one teacher. By the end of that year, the number of pupils had increased to twenty. Before the Covid 2019 pandemic started the school population had grown to one hundred and fifty.  But the number of pupils decreased, because their parents could not afford to continue paying fees for their children. Many had already been laid off from their jobs.  The number dropped to one hundred and twenty.

Thank the Lord because same friend from Canada helped me again in constructing the remaining classrooms. But the challenge am facing is to sustain the school due to the prevailing increase of food prices and other economic conditions. The school has many fees defaulters which need to be solved for future expansion. Last year, the pupils performed very well in their grade eight national examination despite, being their first attempt. Because of that, Bishop Muinde Academy has been promoted by the government to Junior High School.  Pray that, the Lord would provide finances to enable us expand it.