Sixteen13 Ministry


NEEDS in 2024

7′ x 14′ Dual Axle Enclosed Trailer.
A height of 6ft or 7ft. Our purpose is to pick up potatoes and vegetables weekly through out the year. We pick up over 2000lb. of food that help feed people through our local Compassion Ministry. It will also be use for hauling equipment and food for our food fundraisers to different locations throughout the year.
We help over 150 families in Winkler, Morden, and surrounding areas. Always praying with people, building relationships, and looking for opportunity to share the gospel.
Cost for used trailer is $13,000.00
We can also do tax receipt for any donation given.
Please contact Harold at 1-204-332-0586

Needing 100 jugs of milk and 50 bags of Carrots per week in 2024

Our Sixteen13 Compassion Ministry has around 150 families that we help with groceries. Many are immigrants, single moms and dads, and Canadians that are less fortunate. We deliver groceries to the homes, spend time with families, build strong relationships, pray with individuals and families, invite them to church, share the gospel of His saving grace as the Holy Spirit leads, and share Biblical encouragement through conversation.

Any information needed or to drop off food. Please, text Harold at 1-204-332-0586.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

We also take donations of funds that we can tax receipt for groceries.

Please, go to:

Or make a check to:
Assembly of All Nations
In the memo: Sixteen13 Food Ministry

Send to:
Sixteen13 Ministry
Box 1660
Winkler, MB R6W4B5