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Our Story

In January of 2020, a major earthquake shook the southern region of the island of Puerto Rico and caused major devastation to the area.

In response to the disaster, Pastor Harold Espinosa, Alycia Hildebrand, Anita Rudi & Kayleigh Peters traveled to Puerto Rico in February of 2020. Working in partnership with a local church and Pastor Rosendo they visited the devastated areas and distributed hygiene items, other necessities, and toys for children.

This experience inspired Harold and Anita to create an organization that would work in partnership with missionaries, organizations, and churches locally and abroad to reach the marginalized of our world for Christ. Out of this, Sixteen13 Ministry was born

The goal of the ministry is to support organizations not just financially but also in a practical and spiritual way, by sending teams of volunteers from the Pembina Valley, medical supplies and aid, school supplies, bibles, sponsoring children, building drop-in centres, and other forms of assistance.

Currently, the ministry is involved in programs in Kenya, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Mexico, Kyrgyzstan, Canada and more. Check out all our ministries here.

Sixteen13 also wants to give back to the local community of Winkler and the surrounding area by working in partnership with local ministries such as The Bunker and Children’s Camps International.

The name Sixteen13 Ministry is based on the verse found in Genesis 16:13:

She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: ‘You are the God who sees me,’ for she said, ‘I have now seen the One who sees me.’

The God who saw Hagar is the same God who sees every individual and reaches out to us when we find ourselves in desperate situations.

Sixteen13 Ministry believes that just as God came to Hagar in the desert when she felt left alone, God cares for every single human being and is there even when situations seem desperate. God can use Winkler’s Christian community to be an example of how an affluent society can share their blessings, both spiritually and financially, in a godly manner by being the extended arm of God reaching out to the poor and needy.

our mission

Sixteen13 Ministry wants to partner with and support churches both locally and internationally to create ministries and organizations to reach the marginalized within the local communities and improve personal, social, and economic development. Sixteen13 Ministry will provide support financially and practically. Locally in Canada, we are focused with working with immigrants, sponsoring refugees, aboriginals, single moms, single dads, children, and Canadians struggling spiritually, teaching life skills, relief and alleviate poverty.

Our Purpose




Pastor Harold was born and raised in Puerto Rico. There he discovered his love for Jesus Christ and made it his life mission to see people come to Christ. He loves food, serving others, and enjoys talking to people. His greatest desire is to reach people for Christ. He currently also volunteers at the Bunker.

Tiffany Krahn

Vice President

Tiffany Krahn was born and raised in Manitoba. She has a love for reading, exploring, creativity and animals. She especially loves to paint animals, landscapes and the sky in her free time. Through her life she’s grown passionate about ministry and how she can serve God and His people. She believes we all need to take care of each other and share God’s pure love.

Ana Tércia


My name is Ana Tércia, I am Brazilian and I am passionate about what I do — I work as a subtitle translator. I was born in an evangelical home, I always attended church, but I didn’t know Jesus as The Beloved of my soul. I was someone who idolized people. I was trying to fill myself with friendships that would be a safe haven for me. Since I had a gap in paternity, it affected me in adolescence and I got the lack as a consequence, when I acquired people who nourished me affectively. One day I found myself completely insufficient and dissatisfied with friendships. In fact, I wanted an exaggerated attention from people, but I was unsuccessful and frustrated. I felt like garbage, I had been humiliated by someone I idolized too much. I wanted to be like her, to be loved by her, to be her safety in times of distress. It hurt a lot when this person said rude words to me and told me to stay away from her. That’s when I heard a song that said to me:

“You are Love that fills every corner of my heart, You are Love that overflows my deepest holes…”

And it was as if the lenses of my glasses that were blurry, Jesus came and cleaned my glasses and I could see. I was able to know Jesus not only from attending a church, for He removed the scales in my eyes and I was never the same. To those who looked at me and said that I was an introverted girl, full of inferiorities, sad and had no prospect of a purpose in life, today I am someone else! Because Jesus told me and tells me every day who I am! From that day on, I found that I could sing and started serving in church. I found myself in Jesus and discovered his love that fills my life in every way. And today I can tell people that Jesus is enough to supply a lifetime, even an eternity!

Anny Goertzen

Social Media

My name is Anny Goertzen, from Reinfeld MB. I met Pastor Harold Espinosa in the summer of 2021 and just fell in love with Sixteen13 Ministry.  I really like the outreach programs and all the different missionaries we support. I’m also part of the food packing program that happens every Thursday. I started posting on for Sixteen13 in fall 2021 and have really enjoyed it so far. There are so many different opportunities to help out in our own community.

“I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”
John 8:12

Sixteen13 Board

Harold Espinosa, Tiffany Krahn, Richard Peters, Curt & Alvina Reimer, Isaac Wiebe, Alvin Thiessen, Peter & Hannah Schmidt

El Roi Home Board

Harold Espinosa, Philemon Begehla, Peter Schmidt, Alvin Thiessen